Honoring our commitment to transparency, we provide the mailing addresses of all charitable organizations chosen by families.


a request


The family you are wishing to support, however, has requested, that donors use IN MEMORY OF to help ensure that all thoughts and other gestures of sympathy are received and acknowledged.

Please consider that this is an overwhelmingly difficult and challenging time for the family.  By making your donation through IN MEMORY OF, families not only get regular updates of friends and family contributions, but receive a single list with donor names, addresses & additional sentiments. Easy to print, it acts as a record of those whose support they have thanked and prevents them from having to make multiple requests to the charity and/or search for donor addresses.


donor benefit

 Our services also benefit you, the donor, as we prevent your personal information from being collected and used in future campaign programs requesting additional contributions for the organization.  Through our services, either by an online donation or a written check, you may be assured that your personal information stays private and confidential.  We cannot provide this protection for you when you donate directly.

We do not forward your information to the charity.



To honor the family's wishes and make your memorial contribution through IN MEMORY OF, please click below.




To make a donation directly to the organization, please click here for the mailing address.

 In Memory Of cannot guarantee the family will be notified of your generosity, nor can we protect you from future solicitations.